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Double tier revolving belt and tie rack with square base - 1 per box - Chrome
This tie and belt rack has two different spinning tiers. It has a heavy square base for stability and a place at the top where you can add a sign holder if you like.
36" x 36" x 30" h grid dumpbin with casters - 1 per box
This dump bin is constructed of durable wire grid panels and is ideal for displaying a large amount of merchandise. Dump bins are mounted on casters, allowing you to transport it to another location or to restock.
replacement 16" straight arm square tube - 4 per box - Chrome
This replacement arm can be added to a garment rack base. We can break box quantity on this item for an additional $3.00 per box. Just add the item to your cart and leave notes during checkout.
replacement 7 ball waterfall arm square tube - 4 per box - Chrome
These arms are designed in a waterfall pattern with seven descending balls, allowing you customize your garment display rack. Arms are constructed of rectangular metal tubing for easy mounting.
replacement 5 hook waterfall arm square tube - 4 per box - Chrome
These five hook arms for garment racks make replacing your existing arms simple. Made from sturdy metal tubing, each arm has five hooks on a descending arm, allowing all merchandise to be displayed to the customers eye.
replacement 16" straight flag arm rectangular tube - 4 per box
These 16" flag arms allow you to easily replace the arms on your existing garment rack. Each arm is constructed of durable metal tubing. Available in two finishes.
replacement 7 cube waterfall flag arm - 4 per box
Make the most of you garment rack display by customizing it with these waterfall arms. Each arm is easy to mount and features seven cubes to separate merchandise and hold it in place.
replacement 5 hook 16" flag arm - 4 per box - Chrome
These garment rack replacement arms feature five hooks, ideal for hand bags and other hanging products. Each arm is 16" in length, making the most of your retail display space.
replacement 16" straight arm all rectangular with Chrome strip - 4 per box
These garment rack replacement arms are made of sturdy rectangular metal tubing and re an economical way to revamp or customize your retail display. Each arm features a 16" display rod.
replacement 22" straight arm all rectangular - 4 per box
These garment rack replacement arms are 22" long, allowing you to display more items from your existing display.Each arm is constructed of sturdy rectangular tubing.