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There are locking sliding mirror doors on this half view display case. They help to keep products safe from theft while also reflecting ambient light into the case.
Price: $1654.32
Wooden Full View Glass Display Case - 4'
This wooden full view display case is highly durable due to its solid wood construction. This display case is perfect for showing off items in a professional display.
Price: $1156.32
For maximum visibility in your corner jewelry display case, lights are recommended as an option. You will never have to rely on ambient lighting conditions anymore!
Price: $1647.62
Wooden Glass Display Case - Full Vision With Storage
The full vision style of this wooden display case is optimal for displaying products. It allows browsing customers the easiest viewing angles and more light is able to come into the case.
Price: $652.92
Wooden Glass Display Case Rectangular - Black
If lighting and visibility is a worry this case comes standard with a 50 watt halogen light for illuminating products properly. This rectangular display case also has a mirror deck to better disperse light.
Price: $1130.08
Wooden Glass Feature Case - Octagon
The unique design of this octagon feature case is simple yet elegant. The solid wood construction will also allow this feature case to stand the test of time.
Price: $810.78
Wooden Glass Jewelry Display Case
To get the most visibility out of this jewelry case we recommend adding lights as an option. This means no matter the ambient light in your space the products will always be properly illuminated.
Price: $1667.72
Wooden Glass Showcase - Full Vision
This wooden glass showcase is a full vision showcase. This allows your customers to see products from all angles and also lets the most ambient light into the display. This keeps your displayed items highly visible.
Price: $586.78
This half view display case has a black velvet display area to help increase the visibility and contrast inside the display case. There are also sliding mirror doors that lock to increase light reflection.
Price: $1364.02
For the best lighting and visibility it is a great idea to add lights. This will ensure that you do not have to depend on ambient lighting to make your products properly visible.
Price: $1357.32
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