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Wooden Octagon Display Case - Black
There is a mirror deck in this wooden octagon display case to help reflect light and increase visibility. Standard to this case is also a 50 watt halogen bulb for maximum light output.
Price: $1036.22
Wooden Octagon Glass Display Case - Full View
With the full vision design the most ambient light is able to enter the display case. This makes the products much more visible. This octagon display case is also constructed of solid wood.
Price: $1670.12
This half view display case also feature sliding mirror doors for easy access. These doors also have a lock for added safety and the mirrored finish reflects ambient light back into the case.
Price: $1654.32
Lights are a great addition to any jewelry display case. They give you consistent lighting conditions constantly. No more relying on ambient light! Lights are available for this display case.
Price: $1647.62
Wooden Octogon Tall Glass Display Case
The tall design of this display case allows it to be placed easily in any retail environment. The base features a locking storage area to safely store important items.
Price: $777.22
Wooden Rectangular Glass Wall Display Cabinet
This wooden rectangular wall display case is a great addition to any retail space. Without occupying too much floor space you can display products within a durable sleek display case.
Price: $377.42
Wooden Rectangular Tall Glass Display Cabinet
Solid wood materials are used in the construction of this wooden rectangular tall glass display cabinet. This allows the display cabinet to be placed in high traffic areas without any worries.
Price: $782.22
The sitdown style of this jewelry case is very useful for assisting customers and it brings all the items in for a closer view.
Price: $1667.72
This wooden square feature cabinet is constructed of solid wood materials. This greatly increases the feature cabinet’s durability for high traffic areas.
Price: $681.08
Wooden Wide Octagon Tall Glass Display Case
The wooden wide octagon tall glass display case is a highly stable and durable product. It is constructed of solid wood and is perfect for any retail environment.
Price: $1184.62
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