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Glass Wall Cabinet For Retail Store - Full Vision
There is limited stock on this item due to Covid related inventory issues. Please contact us to check stock prior to ordering. - This all glass display case can be used on a wall or in an aisle. With glass all around, you allow your customers visibility from any angle. Four interior fixed shelves plus the interior deck give you five interior surfaces from which to merchandise or shocae your products. Ships unassembled.
Price: $747.02
Glass Wall Cabinet For Retail Store - Half Vision
This glass display cabinet is suitable for either an aisle or a wall. It comes stock with hinged storage for excess product. The upper portion of the retail glass cabinet area is designed to be frameless. It has a little more modern appeal than most economy tall retail cabinets, but is priced so as to be a good value.
Price: $754.82
Half View Wall Retail Display Case - 48L x 18D x 78H - Choose Color - Economic Series - Ships Knocked Down
Available in mutliple colored finishes. The three adjustable shelves accomidate for different sized items. Front storage areas make the most of the space this display offers.
Price: $442.52
Half View Wall Retail Display Case w/Drawer - 48L x 18D x 84H - Choose Color - Economic Series - Ships Knocked Down
Storage areas make the most of the space. Available in multiple colored finishes. Tempered gglass sliding doors allows for the items on display to be easily viewed.
Price: $473.54
Half Vision Glass Display Case - Reliable Series - Please choose from available options.
This is a reliable series, half vision, glass display case. Please choose from the available options.
Price: $694.93
Half Vision Pentagon Corner Display Case
Use this piece to make a turn in a frameless display case run. You can add a locking door to the front if you want the corner piece to be secure. This frameless display case corner is a half vision piece.
Price: $162.38
Half Vision Retail Display Case - Choose Size and Color - Economic Series - Ships Knocked Down
Melamine laminate, tempered glass, and one adjustable tempered glass shelf. Please click for a larger picture and more details. Adjustable shelf acomodates for items of varrying sizes.
Price: $216.02
Half-Vision Glass Jewelry Display Cases - 20D x 42H - Available in 4 Widths
This half vision jewelry display case is of a very high quality construction. This high quality and simple design is perfect for professional retail environments. Give your customers the best first impression with this display case.
Price: $1908.00
Locking hinged door keeps the items on display in this hexagon display case safe. Two halogen lights illuminate items to make them easy to view by the customer.
Price: $1086.33
Hexagon Display Cabinet With Crown Molding With Wood Construction
This display cabinet features a solid wood construction which allows this display cabinet to handle high traffic environments. The large glass area lets the maximum amount of ambient light into the display area to increase visibility.
Price: $919.30
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