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Bagel Display Case - Basket Type
This bagel display case has been designed for high volume sales. There are top and vertical food safe front lights that illuminate your bagels. The baskets (not included) in this bagel display case are tilted toward your customers so that they can make an easy decision. The baskets slide out for easy serving and refill. The front of this bagel display case is tempered safety glass.
Bagel Display Case - Pan Type
This bagel merchandiser has top, shelf, and side lights that are food safe and ready to illuminate your food. This bagel display case has a HPL deck that is designed to stand up to repeated washings... year after year. Another great thing about this bagel display case is that it has a tempered glass front. This bagel display case accommodates 26 x 18" pans.
Candy Display Case - Curved Front
When it comes to gourmet candy display, this curved candy display case has it covered. You can choose a climate controlled interior and storage if your treats are climate sensitive. The exterior of this candy display case is customizable to fit your decor. A food safe top light comes standard in this candy display case. The interior deck is durable high pressure laminate. The ends and doors are mirrored, so your treats are visible from all sides.
Candy Display Case - Angular Prism
This candy display case is built in a prism design and has a climate control option if your treats need to stay cool. The storage area is also climate controlled if you get that option. The interior deck of this case is high pressure laminate which is very durable and ideal for food service applications. The doors of this candy display case are mirrored and will reflect all of your treats to your customer.
Restaurant Condiments Counter and Serving Station - Available in 2 Sizes
A basic restaurant serving station. This counter measures 36"h x 36"w and is available in 2 depths. This serving station comes standard with a low pressure laminate, matte finish available in many standard and woodgrain finishes. Available with many options, this restaurant counter has a lead time of approximately 2 weeks.
Deluxe Restaurant Serving Station and Condiments Counter
A deluxe restaurant serving station featuring 2 utensil drawers, two adjustable storage shelves, a 4" recessed toe kick and a black splash. Shown with optional doors and an upper shelf, this unit is available with many options. Available in most standard low pressure laminate finshes, HPL finishes are also available upon request. Request a freight quote today.
Mobile Reservation and Hosting Stand
A laminated reservation desk with casters for increased mobility. Measures 23"w x 16"d x 45 1/2"h. This host desk features a slanted top with a pencil rest. Lead time is approximately two weeks. Request a freight quote today.
Convienience and Restaurant Storage Counter - 36L x 26D x 40H
This restaurant and convenience counter features a highly durable 1 1/8" thick top with low pressure laminate surface. Choose from various sizes and finishes.
Convenience and Fountain Drink Counter Unit - 36L x 26D x 40H
Available in various colored finishes and sizes. Features a highly durable and easy to clean laminate surface. This counter also has three areas to store cups and front storage.
Commercial Restaurant Waste Disposal Unit - 20L x 26D x 40H
Highly durable construction for high traffic area and the minimal yet versatile design allows this waste unit to be easily placed in many different locations.