Realistic Female Mannequin Right Knee Bent Walking
This female realistic mannequin features its' arms by its' side and right knee slightly bent in a walking position with molded and painted hair to complete its' realistic look. Using this mannequin to display your apparel allows your customers to envision how your merchandise looks in an action pose.
Flexible Child Mannequin Three Year Old Model - 33" H
This child mannequin represents a three year old. It is flexible so you can put it in many different poses. Perfect for creating scenes with other mannequins.
Flexible Child Mannequin Five Year Old Model - 38" H
This child mannequin represents a five year old. It features flexible appendages for a variety of different posing options. Perfect for displaying children's clothing and accessories.
Female full body glossy black abstract mannequin with left arm raised
This female abstract mannequin has its left arm raised with its right leg extended to showcase the newest trends in your retail enviroment. Its glossy black exterior will certainly turn the heads of potential customers. Mannequin Height : 5' 9 5/8".
Female full body glossy white abstract mannequin with left arm raised
This abstract female mannequin is a creative and affordable way of displaying your new line of clothing or modleing older stock for sale.This female abstract mannequin features its left arm raised and right leg extended. Its glossy white exterior made of durable fiber glass keeps it safe from day to day wear and tear.
Flexible Child Mannequin Seven Year Old Model - 44" H
This child mannequin represents a seven year old. I's bendable appendages allow you to make different action poses.
Flexible Child Mannequin Nine Year Old Model - 50" H
This child mannequin is that of a nine year old. It's flexible appendages help you create a scene using other mannequins or just all by it's self.
Headless Male Mannequin Hands By Side Legs Straight Round Base
This headless male mannequin has it's arms by it's side and straight legs with a round base. Their durable  polyurethane construction will put up with all the abuse your busy retail environment can dish out.
Headless Male Mannequin Hands By Side Left Knee Bent
This example of our headless male mannequins features it's arms by it's side with a slightly bent left knee. Perfect for modeling your latest fashions.
Headless Male Full Body Form One Hand On Hip Round Base
This headless male mannequin features it's left hand on it's hip with it's right leg extended. This mannequin is perfect for displaying your latest fashions.