clever clip with ring to fit grid 1 bag = 100 pieces - 1 per box
These clever clips are an incredibly versatile way to customize your retail display. Clips are available in a variety of colors and can be placed anywhere on your retail display.
Price: $13.46
Concave Shelf Cushions Center for Shelf Rests - 200 per box
These Concave Shelf Cushions attach to dwcd2-1 which are center shelf rests. This allows your shelf brackets to safely hold glass.
Price: $12.31
Economy Grid Shelf, 10"w x 4"d
These gridwall shelves are a lightweight and very economical way to display your products. Each shelf is 10"w x 4"d and mounts easily to your existing gridwall.
Price: $2.89
Economy universal joiner clip for grid - 500 per box
This gridwall connector comes in three colors and will fit any gridwall. The screw tightens to securely hold gridwall together. We can break box quantity on this item for an additional $3.00 per box. Just add the item to your cart and leave notes during checkout.
Price: $129.23
Flat Gridwall Shelf with Wire Supports - 4 per box
Flat gridwall shelf has wire supports that dramatically increase its load capability. Shelf is supported by rear facing hooks and can be mounted anywhere on your gridwall panel for a unique display.
Price: $58.62
Framed "I" Rolling Gridwall Display - 1 per box
This I-framed gridwall display maximizes valuable retail space. Use display alone or in conjunction with shelves, basket and clips to create a unique retail display.
Price: $114.50
Framed Gridwall Connector - 100 per box
These gridwall connectors have two chambers that grip each grid individually to prevent sliding. The connector is held by a center screw, making gridwall easily adjustable. Connectors are finished with smooth edges.
Price: $369.22
Framed Gridwall Hinge Connector - 100 per box
Hinged gridwall connectors allow you to connect framed gridwall at any angel that suits you. Connectors are fitted with a rotating center pin that lets gridwall swing away smoothly.
Price: $515.38
Framed Gridwall Panel - 2 per box
These gridwall panels are framed with a metal tubing, allowing the to remain free standing in a stand, or connected together to form a unique retail display of your making. Frames are sturdy and can be used to separate different products or put together to form an entirely separate gridwall "room."
Price: $74.02
gondola base with casters for grid - 1 per box - Please Choose "H base" Color.
This gondola or h shaped gridwall base will help you create a four sided gridwall display. It stands alone and makes a great workhorse fixture that you can display a variety of merchandise from with the right gridwall accessories.
Price: $31.82
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