Economy Grid Shelf, 10"w x 4"d
These gridwall shelves are a lightweight and very economical way to display your products. Each shelf is 10"w x 4"d and mounts easily to your existing gridwall.
Gridwall 6 Business Card Display
These gridwall business card holder are ideal for showcasing business cards for yourself or business partners. Rear hook mount allows you to easily place the display anywhere on your existing gridwall.
Gridwall 9 Business Card Display
Display a large quantity of business cards with this nine pocket business card holder. Each holder is designed to attach to your existing gridwall for a professional look.
2 Tier Gridwall Bin Display- Choose Bins
These gridwall bins are ideal for displaying multiple small items separately. Each unit features two tiers and allows customers unhampered views of your merchandise.
Framed Gridwall Connector - 100 per box
These gridwall connectors have two chambers that grip each grid individually to prevent sliding. The connector is held by a center screw, making gridwall easily adjustable. Connectors are finished with smooth edges.
"T" Connector for Framed Gridwall - 100 per box
This gridwall assembly part will help you create a 90 degree angle with framed gridwall. Using these you can creat a custom area of gridwall for display.
Wicker Basket Display Ring for Gridwall - 6 per box
These rings are perfect for adding wicker baskets to any gridwall display. Rear hook support insures that baskets are well supported and wire ring keeps a tight grip on you product.
Framed Gridwall Hinge Connector - 100 per box
Hinged gridwall connectors allow you to connect framed gridwall at any angel that suits you. Connectors are fitted with a rotating center pin that lets gridwall swing away smoothly.
"T" or "H" Perpendicular Grid Connector - 100 per box
Grid connectors allow you to put gridwall together in different combinations to create the unique type of display right for your retail display needs. Each connector is screw mounted, so you can change your configuration as often as necessary.
Wicker Basket Display Ring for Slatwall - 6 per box
These wicker basket display rings mount quickly and easily to slatwall, allowing you to design your own unique display. Rings are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.