Framed Gridwall Panel - 2 per box
These gridwall panels are framed with a metal tubing, allowing the to remain free standing in a stand, or connected together to form a unique retail display of your making. Frames are sturdy and can be used to separate different products or put together to form an entirely separate gridwall "room."
Gridwall "Y" Hook - 100 per box
Y hook for gridwall allows you to display multiple small to medium items with ease. Y-backed formation presses into gridwall to maintain upright positioning for a professional look.
Gridwall Hang Tab Loop Hook - 100 per box
The loop hook is ideal for any product suspended from a hang tab.  Looped hook design prevents hang tabs from tearing.  Available in different sizes and finishes.
Gridwall Media Display Shelf - 10 per box
The gridwall media display shelf will hold media of various sizes simultaneously, allowing you to create a display that meets your exact needs. Media shelf display attaches to gridwall by two back hooks for added stability.
Gridwall Panel for Media Browsing Units - 1 per box
The gridwall panel for media browsing units allows you to expand product presentation vertically from your existing display. Gridwall panel allows you to create your own display design easily and features side frames for added stability.
Wire Display Rack for Gridwall or Slatwall - 4 per box
This wire display has two tiers and can hold up to four selections of media per tier.Retail display rack has rear facing hooks, making it simple to mount to your gridwall display.
Gridwall Scanner Hook - 100 per box
The gridwall scanner hook is designed to hold multiple items from hangtabs, allowing customers to easily flip through the products. Each hook has a solid rear plate that is hooked for simple gridwall mounting.
Gridwall Shelving with Ticket Channel - 2 per box
These gridwall shelving units connect to the gridwall by four rear facing hooks, for a sturdy display unit. Each shelf has a ticket channel to allow you to post price stickers or advertisements within customers easy view. Ticket channel also provides each shelf with a lip.
Hanging Clip Display for Gridwall - 50 per box
The hanging clip display allows you to hook onto gridwall at any location. Each display has twelve vertical clips for maximum display potential. Very portable.
Flat Gridwall Shelf with Wire Supports - 4 per box
Flat gridwall shelf has wire supports that dramatically increase its load capability. Shelf is supported by rear facing hooks and can be mounted anywhere on your gridwall panel for a unique display.