5 Sided Tall Acrylic Doll Display Box, Available in 4 Sizes
Five-sided, tall acrylic box. Use these to protect collectibles and memorabilia from dust and damage. Ideal for dolls and vases. Tall acrylic boxes are available in 4 sizes.
Price: $20.26
5 sided Wide Acrylic Display Box
This is a 5 sided wide display box, available in 4 sizes. Clear acrylic boxes are ideal for displaying valuable keepsakes such as footballs or models without the worry of damage or dust.
Price: $20.26
Acrylic Cube 3/16"
Use these acrylic disoplay cubes to keep your merchandise looking its best. Many different sizes are available to suit your specific display needs. Our cubes are constructed of high quality 3/16" acrylic materials.
Price: $8.64
Acrylic Cubes 1/8"
Five sided cubes constructed of 1/8" acrylic. You can use this acrylic display box to protect your collectibles or as a riser. Acrylic cubes keep your collectibles or merchandise safe from dust and damage. Available in a wide range of sizes. You can use these cubes to keep your collectibles safe from the elements or as a platform to raise them up. Choose from the size options below. If you have questions about acrylic cubes, please give us a call.
Price: $7.64
Acrylic Locking Ballot Box, 8 1/2" Square
This acrylic ballot box will help collect contact information or contest entries. The locking mechanism ensures that contents are not disturbed. Ideal for elections or donations.
Price: $49.88
Acrylic Locking Ballot Box, 8 1/2" w/ 1P
This acrylic ballot box features a brochure holder, ideal for information or graphics. Box has locking ability, allowing you more freedom to use it as a stand alone display while remaining secure.
Price: $53.83
Clear Acrylic Locking Ballot Box, Available in 3 Sizes
A locking ballot box, constructed of clear acrylic. Ideal for raffles, drawings or donations. Available in 2 sizes. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable and gives a clean professional look.
Price: $22.30