108 Card Rotating Earring Display Stand in Acrylic
This acrylic rotating display holds 108 cards of 2" carded earrings. The lazy susan it sits upon is very smooth. This acrylic display for earrings has clear crossbars and a black acrylic base.
Price: $19.85
180 Card Revolving Earring Display Stand
This revolving earring stand will hold 180 2" cards. It is on a lazy susan so that it is easy for your customer to turn and the top and base are black so that the carded jewelry that you display are visually contained. This revolving stand will help you display carded jewelry of any kind.
Price: $34.50
2" Carded Acrylic Earring Display, Gridwall or Slatwall
This acrylic earring display is available for gridwall or slatwall display. It accommodates 2" cards for carded earrings and measures 13"w x 14 1/2"h. Choose from the display options below.
Price: $37.14
3 Tier Bracelet Holder, 11 1/2"w x 13"h
This 3 tier bracelet holder features 3 display bars. This unit will display nicely in your retail display case or on your display counter. It measures 11 1/2"w x 13"h.
Price: $40.62
4 Tier Acrylic Jewelry Display
This acrylic bracelet holder features four tiers. It measures 10 1/2"w x 13 1/2"h. It will display nicely in a case or as a counter  top display.
Price: $27.49
5"w x 7"h plexi countertop mirror with Black border vertical - 48 per box - Clear
Allow customers to admire your merchandise reflected in these tasteful plexi counter top mirrors. Each mirror sits on a back slant for optimal viewing and has a black frame. Plexi design assures no shattering.
Price: $167.48
9"w x 12"h plexi countertop mirror with Black border vertical - 24 per box - Clear
These counter top mirrors are constructed of durable plexi material, ideal for a busy retail environment. Mirrors measure 9"W x 12"H.  Great for use on a countertop.
Price: $232.62
Acrylic Bracelet or Necklace T-Bar Display, available in 3 Sizes
These acrylic bracelet or necklace t-bar stands will display beautifully in your display case or on your store counter. Constructed of 1" acrylic, they will match eloquently with any decor. Choose from the three size options below.
Price: $10.69
Acrylic Hand Display, 11"h
This acrylic hand display can be used to display rings or bracelets. It measures 8"w x 11"h. Sturdy acrylic design allows you to display multiple pieces of merchandise simultaneously.
Price: $8.05
Acrylic Mirror for Slatwall or Gridwall
This acrylic mirror measures 9"w x 12"h and is a must-have for any store that sells hats, eyewear, jewelry, etc. Acrylic mirrors hold up exceptionally well against heavy customer traffic and use, and are easy to clean. This mirror can be displayed on a gridwall or slatwall system.
Price: $11.10
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