Using Retail Display Cases with Retail Display

 All store uses some type of retail display to sell items to their customers. Retail display cases are a great way to merchandise. There are many benefits to using retail display cases as a part of your retail displays. A retail display case is an excellent way to communicate a message to a customer, “These items are important”. Done properly, it can help generate significantly more sales for your store.

Retail display cases protect and sell. 

There are so many different types of retail display cases that can be used in your store. There are acrylic display cases and glass display cases.

 Whenever your items are inside a display case, customers know that the items are important. There are three different types of glass counter type display cases. There are jewelry vision, full vision, half vision, and extra vision. Each one varies the amount of glass display space and storage underneath. The display space usually gets smaller as the items in the display case go up in value. In this way, you can isolate your expensive items.

 When you use glass retail display cases, there are two different types of glass, tempered and float. Tempered glass is safer. If it breaks, it breaks into tiny pieces instead of large shards.

 Retail display cases also serve another important function – security. There are countless examples of the benefits of retail display cases as used in retail displays.  Small items may be easy to pocket. If they are in a display case, a salesperson must attend to a customer as they handle the smaller items. Shoplifting happens when customers are unattended and unseen. A shoplifter may think of stealing the items but without breaking the glass, traveling into the sales area, or stealing in front of a sales person, a retail display case will help prevent shoplifting.

 A Retail display case can display food too

 Sometimes, retail stores also sell food. There are a few different ways that owners can use display cases to merchandise food. Store owners can use food safe non refrigerated display cases, refrigerated display cases, or regular retail display cases.

If the food is fresh and perishable, store owners have to use display cases that will protect the wood within them. Otherwise, store owners can create food that is for display only. For instance, using shortening instead of ice cream or icing will prolong the life of the display food while still making it look delicious.

Retail display cases are a safe alternative to displaying food or merchandise in the open. They help protect your merchandise by putting it behind glass.


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