Training Employees to Use Retail Displays Effectively

What happens when you have retail displays that your employees do not know how to use? You have a store that simply is unable to "sell" itself to your customers. It is critical to the success of your business that your employees know how to use your retail displays effectively. Every employee in your store should understand the workings of your retail displays fully. Just as you train them sales techniques to "up sell" a customer, it is just as important that you teach them how to use a retail display properly.

Explain How Your Retail Displays Work

For some employees, working in a retail environment is a new experience. Some retail employees may come from a different store environment, which implement fixtures that your store has not implemented. Therefore, they may not be accustomed to your specific types of displays. In either case, these employees need to understand how your retail displays work. Of course the same could be said for the employee with experience and knowledge of retail displays. Their former employer may not have provided sufficient training.

In your store you want employees to have an arsenal of knowledge at their hands. Teach them how the display physically works. Every employee should know how to move a display and how to assemble it. While they may not need to put a display back together again -- many stores have dealt with a curious teenager who has taken apart a retail display for the simple fun of it.

Most importantly, show your employees what products go into the retail display. Employees need to not only know what goes into the display, but it is best to have a planogram which will specify the arrangement of items.

Give Employees Information about Products for Retail Displays

Just as your employees need to be shown where items will go in the display, they also need to be shown where inventory is kept. The inventory may be kept under the store or in another location, but your employees need to know how to find it. Employees need to know how to replenish retail displays easily. Walk them through your inventory so they can understand exactly where to find back stock. This will help them feel like they have a good knowledge of your displays and how to best promote those items.

At many stores items sell quickly. But you should always ensure that your displays look fresh and neat. You want the retail displays to look full of products, ready to sell. After all, you never know when a customer could come in ready to buy, and you do not want to be out of stock on that item Employees should be trained to replenish stock in the retail displays on a regular basis.

Just as important as replenishing the retail displays, is organizing the retail displays. Keeping the retail displays neat is actually a key factor in giving good customer service. After all, if customers cannot find items they cannot buy them. Having employees check the retail displays two, or even three times a day is ideal and is often a good schedule for most stores. If you are running a sale or it is during holiday season, you may want your employees to check the retail displays more frequently to be certain that they are well organized and fully stocked.


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