Bakery Display Cases

Our bakery display cases are safe, durable, and will help your pastries sell. We have straight and curved front bakery display cases. All of our bakery cases were designed for high capacity and volume. We came up with a sort list of features that you might want to look for at the bottom of the page or follow this link: Buying Guide for Bakery Display Cases

Our bakery display cases are designed to provide you with the maximum amount of functionality for your retail space. Therese bakery display cases are constructed with high grade materials and are extremely durable. Many features our food display cases help you get the most out use from you space. Many of the food display cases come with available options such as lighting, refrigeration, glass doors, etc. The ease of customization allows you to find a bakery display case that suits your specific needs. For more information on purchasing a bakery display case scroll to the end of this page or please follow this link: Bakery Display Case Buying Guide.
Curved Front High Volume Non-Refrigerated Display Case
Thi dry bakery display case comes standard with Food safe encapsulated top and shelf lights. It has an all around glass and anodized aluminum top module that make you treats seem as if they are floating. The base has open rear storage to save space in your busy establishment. Like most all of our food display cases the deck of this case is heavy duty high pressure laminate, designed to hold up to repeated washing and wiping down. It comes stock with a cord, plug, and switch. This dry bakery display case is ready to go once you get it to your shop.
Donut Display Case - Slant Front
This donut display case has a large tempered safety glass front and a food safe top light to illuminate your donuts. The high pressure laminate of this donut display case is sloped so that your customers get the best view of your treats. There is storage in the rear of this donut display case to make the most use of room in your store.
Cake Display Case - Slant Front
This cake display case has a slanted tempered safety glass front and fourlevels to display your baked goods on. There is a food safe light in the customer side extrusion that will light your treats up. There is also open storage in the base of this cake display case.
Food display case - Straight Front High Volume Dry Display Case
This food display case has a straight front and is used for goods that need a food safe atmosphere, but do not need refrigeration. The shelves and and top have food safe lights and lamps. This food display case was designed for high output and has four levels to display your treats. The top module is constructed out of anodized aluminum and glass. The base has open storage and a high pressure interior laminate deck for a clean, long life.
Wall Pastry Display Case - Service
This pastry display case is usually put behind the counter so that employees can serve your customers once they choose what they want. The bag bins of this pastry display case are adjustable so that your needs are met. The deck is a high pressure laminate that will stand up to food service. Your pastries will stay illuminated by the food safe side lights that line this pastry display case.
Pastry Display Case - Self Serve on Wall
Once you load this self serve pastry display case, your treats sell themselves. The bag bins are adjustable to accommodate the size of your pastry bags and there is a tissue compartment to help keep everything clean and sanitary. The glass doors on this pastry display case have self closing mechanisms so that your baked goods stay fresh. There are food safe lights that run the length of the top and shelves so that your treats are illuminated and inviting. The front loading version is 58 1 ⁄ 2 "W X 30 1 ⁄ 2 "D X 77"H. The rear loading display case version is 58 1 ⁄ 2 "W X 32 1 ⁄ 2 "D X 77"H Both bakery display cases have a capacity of 15 full sheet pans.
Tall Pastry Display Case - Self Service
This pastry display case stands almost 6 feet tall and helps your customers serve themselves to your baked treats. The bag bins are adjustable to fit your store. The interior deck is HPL and stands up well to food service use. There are food safe lights in the sides of this pastry display case that keep your treats inviting.
Bagel Display Case - Basket Type
This bagel display case has been designed for high volume sales. There are top and vertical food safe front lights (side) that illuminate your bagels. The baskets (not included) in this bagel display case are tilted toward your customers so that they can make an easy decision. The baskets slide out for easy serving and refill. The front of this bagel display case is tempered safety glass.
Bagel Display Case - Pan Type
This bagel merchandiser has top, shelf, and side lights that are food safe and ready to illuminate your food. This bagel display case has a HPL deck that is designed to stand up to repeated washings... year after year. Another great thing about this bagel display case is that it has a tempered glass front. This bagel display case accommodates 26 x 18" pans.
Straight Front High Volume Refrigerated Display Case
Hgh volume allows for the storage of many itemms within one case. Regrigeration keeps stored goods fresh. Tempered glass allows easy view for customers.