Headless Mannequins

Our headless mannequins will help you display your clothing on a body that every customer can imagine as their own. We have both male and female headless mannequins. One of the benefits of our mannequins is that they come in a variety of positions, so you can buy headless mannequins that fit your retail environment. By attracting customers, mannequins play an important role in visual merchandising.

Headless Male Mannequins
These headless male mannequins come in a variety of mannequin postures. You can get them with or without legs. Their arms are positioned to show your clothes off the way you want them to look.
Headless Female Mannequins
Headless female mannequins give the impression that anyone could wear the clothes that are on the mannequin. Whenever we look at a mannequin, we can imagine what we would look like wearing the clothes displayed. Our female mannequins come in a variety of postures and colors.