Candy Display Cases

Our candy display cases are designed to keep your products looking their best. These candy display cases are available with climate control to keep your products at their optimal storage temperature. The candy display cases that we carry are constructed of high quality materials to ensure that they are durable enough to handle fast paced retail environments. For more detailed information on purchasing a candy display case please scroll to the end of this page or follow this link: Candy Display Case Buying Guide.
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Candy Display Case - Angular Prism
This candy display case is built in a prism design and has a climate control option if your treats need to stay cool. The storage area is also climate controlled if you get that option. The interior deck of this case is high pressure laminate which is very durable and ideal for food service applications. The doors of this candy display case are mirrored and will reflect all of your treats to your customer.
Price: $3423.74
Candy Display Case - Curved Front
When it comes to gourmet candy display, this curved candy display case has it covered. You can choose a climate controlled interior and storage if your treats are climate sensitive. The exterior of this candy display case is customizable to fit your decor. A food safe top light comes standard in this candy display case. The interior deck is durable high pressure laminate. The ends and doors are mirrored, so your treats are visible from all sides.
Price: $4830.00