Clear Mannequins

Our clear mannequins and clear part mannequins transparent appearance makes your apparel and merchandise jump out at potential customers without distracting from the merchandise itself. Their futuristic look combined with a highly durable polycarbonate, injection molded construction, makes them virtually shatterproof, and very eye-catching.
Clear Female Mannequin with hands on hip
This clear mannequin features both hands on it's hips for a different look than regular straight arms. Made of shatter proof polycarbonate this mannequin will be an interesting attraction in your business or retail outlet for many years to come.
Polycarbonate Clear Mannequin Left Hand On Hip
This clear mannequin features it's left hand on it's hip with it's right knee slightly bent. Made of durable polycarbonate it's almost transparent look brings an eye catching, futuristic, look to any business or retail outlet that will display your merchandise for years to come.
Ploycarbonate Clear Mannequin Female Form No Arms Or Legs
This example of our clear mannequins features just the body without arms or legs to showcase your merchandise without distracting from it. This mannequin is perfect for swim wear. It's almost transparent appearance allows your customers to view your apparel hindrance free.
Polycarbonate Clear Mannequin Torso Base
This product is the base for our female clear torso mannequin. It allows you to showcase your merchandise using our female clear torso mannequin at a greater height. Mannequin sold separately.
Polycarbonate Clear Part Mannequin Female Form No Arms Or Hips
This clear female mannequin features only the torso, perfect for showcasing bras. It's super strong polycarbonate frame makes it virtually shatter proof and almost transparent so your customers can visualize how your merchandise will look on them.
Polycarbonate Clear Part Mannequin Female Form No Arms Or Hips with Base
This clear mannequin is the female torso with the base included. Perfect for displaying women's blouses, shirts, or bras. It's polycarbonate body is super durable for years of busy retail use and it's almost transparent look will make your apparel look amazing.
Polycarbonate Clear Part Mannequin Just Calf And Foot
This clear part mannequin features just the calf and foot for displaying socks or footwear. Made of super durable polycarbonate with detachable base.
Polycarbonate Clear Part Mannequin Just Forearm And Hand
This clear part mannequin features just the forearm and hand, perfect for showcasing watches, jewelry, or hand wear. It's almost transparent polycarbonate make-up allows customers to view your merchandise without hindrance.
Polycarbonate Clear Part Mannequin Just Shoulders Neck And Head
This clear part mannequin features just the shoulders and faceless head. Perfect for showcasing hats and other head wear. It is constructed out of durable polycarbonate for years of busy retail use.
Polycarbonate Clear Part Mannequin Knee Calf And Foot
This clear part mannequin features the knee, calf, and foot for showcasing all kinds of socks and foot wear. Made of super strong polycarbonate with a detachable base it will help you display all your foot wear merchandise for many years.
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What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer. If you know your way around a kitchen you have surely stored food in a Lexan container. It's the same thing. Basically polycarbonate is a clear very strong and durable form of plastic.

What kind of business use clear mannequins?

Clear mannequins are used all over the world in a variety of different settings. They are mostly used in new, trendy, boutiques; however more and more retail outlets and businesses have caught on to the trend, utilizing their eye-catching ability to increase overall sales and profits.

How long will these clear mannequins last?

Our clear mannequins are highly durable. They are made of super strong polycarbonate which is the same material used in making children's glasses, so you know they can put up with month after month of high volume retail environment abuse.