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Anti Shoplifting Systems or Panels
This is the main category of anti shoplifting devices. This includes the actual panels you would place at doors or points of entry and exit that would detect when someone brings a tag or label through the panel's field.
Anti Shoplifting Deactivators
This category is for the deactivators that "turn off" the labels during check out.
Anti Shoplifting Labels
In this category, you will find the labels that you would attach to objects you don't want to be stolen. They don't work well when attached directly to metal, but otherwise, are an inexpensive way to improve prevention.
Anti Shoplifting Accessories
Here you will find all of the accessories needed for your shoplifting prevention system. Lanyards, Detachers, Pins, and Clutches
Anti Shoplifting Hard Tags
These are the hard tags you will need if you want to secure clothing. There are different types of tags depending on the types of clothes you need to attach them to.