We have a full line of slatwall panels and slatwall accessories that will help you create displays that are easily changeable. There are two basic types of slatwall displays. There are modular slatwall floor models and slatwall that is applied directly to an existing wall. The accessories for both of these kinds can be moved to fit your displays needs. With the variety of slatwall accessories available. You can merchandise virtually anything that will hang from a hook, or be placed upon a shelf.

» Slatwall Displays and Accessories
Slatwall Wire Basket
You can use a slatwall basket to display any number of items. Virtually anything you can fit into a slatwall wire basket can be merchandised out of it.
Slatwall Modular Merchandisers
These slatwall displays can be moved around to keep your store versatile. These units come "knocked down" and are built by you once delivered. You can put any type of slatwall accessory you choose on these merchandisers.
Slatwall Accessories and Hangers
Slatwall accessories are used to merchandise apparel, packages or hold shelving. All of the slatwall accessories you see come in chrome, black, or white.