Abstract Mannequins

Abstract mannequins provide extra attraction to your clothing or jewelry merchandise. Their glossy exterior teamed with a variety of different stances, are an excellent way of grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Abstract Female Mannequins
Female abstract mannequins are a unique eye-catching display option for many types of retail merchandise.

Abstract Male Mannequins
Male abstract mannequins provide extra attention to your business while making your merchandise look amazing.


Abstract Display Mannequins Attract Potential Customers.

These unique mannequins offer a sense of style while allowing your customer to actually see how your merchandise will look on them. Retailers purchase these mannequins because of their ability to draw in window shoppers without distracting from the merchandise they are displaying. Our abstract mannequins have a "faceless" design for an approachable, softer appearance. They are offered in a variety of different lifelike stances including walking, sitting down, and everything in-between. .

Highly Durable Fiberglass Forms Assure Years Of Use.

These mannequins are all made of durable fiber glass for years of rugged use in all types of retail locations. Each of these mannequins are strongly supported by a metal heel or calf rod along with a weighted metal base. These mannequins are an excellent, eye-catching, and economical addition to any retailers store.

Abstract Mannequins Make Your Business Stand Out.

Our white or black abstract mannequins are covered with clear glossy enamel that provides further durability while making them shine! They are perfect for displaying swim wear, outdoor gear, pajamas, winter clothing, and summer wear. You can further their displaying power by accessorizing them with necklaces and watches. These mannequins stand out in a world full of ordinary mannequins of the past.