Tagging Guns and Pricing Gun Needles

Our price tagging guns are great for clothing of all kinds. We have replacement needles for tagging guns if you need them. Our tagging guns come per box, but we are happy to break a box if you need us too. The same goes for the replacement needles for the tagging guns.
Tagging guns and pricing gun needles are essential tools for retail businesses, streamlining the process of attaching price tags and labels to merchandise. These devices help store owners and managers quickly and efficiently mark products, saving time and improving overall productivity. Our selection includes both standard and fine tagging guns, designed to handle various tag sizes and materials. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even with frequent use. Replacement needles are available in different sizes to fit various gun models, allowing for easy maintenance and continued operation. By using these tagging tools, retailers can maintain a professional appearance in their stores, clearly displaying prices and product information. This clarity can lead to improved customer experience and potentially increased sales, as shoppers can easily find the information they need to make purchasing decisions.
» Tagging Guns and Pricing Gun Needles
standard tagging gun deluxe model 9s pistol grip  - 100 per box - GREEN
This deluxe tagging gun makes labeling a breeze. This tagging gun features a pistol grip that is easy on your hands. Replacement needles are also available.
replacement needles for standard 9s & 7s tag guns  pack of 5 - 50 per box - Chrome
If you need to replace needles for a tagging gun, then these will fit into our standard tagging gun. For use with regular fabics not fine fabrics. Durable construction will last.
fine tagging gun deluxe model 9x pistol grip - 100 per box - BLUE
This delicate and fine fabric gun is used to tag garments that have to be handled with care. The needle, tags, and fasteners used in this fine tagging gun have a smaller diameter. We can break box quantity on this item for an additional $3.00 per box. Just add the item to your cart and leave notes during checkout.
replacement needles for fine 9x tagging gun  pack of 5 - 50 per box - Chrome
These tagging gun replacement needles are for fine fabric. Use them to tag clothing in retail stores. These will not damage your finer fabrics when used.