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3 Tier Bracelet Holder, 11 1/2"w x 13"h
This 3 tier bracelet holder features 3 display bars. This unit will display nicely in your retail display case or on your display counter. It measures 11 1/2"w x 13"h.
Price: $40.62
4 Tier Acrylic Jewelry Display
This acrylic bracelet holder features four tiers. It measures 10 1/2"w x 13 1/2"h. It will display nicely in a case or as a counter  top display.
Price: $27.49
Acrylic Bracelet or Necklace T-Bar Display, available in 3 Sizes
These acrylic bracelet or necklace t-bar stands will display beautifully in your display case or on your store counter. Constructed of 1" acrylic, they will match eloquently with any decor. Choose from the three size options below.
Price: $10.69
Acrylic Hand Display, 11"h
This acrylic hand display can be used to display rings or bracelets. It measures 8"w x 11"h. Sturdy acrylic design allows you to display multiple pieces of merchandise simultaneously.
Price: $8.05
Acrylic Rotating Hook Display, 18 Hooks
This rotating hook display is ideal for displaying keychains, jewelry, or any other accessories you wish to display. It features 9 hooks on each side, for a total of 18 hooks. This unit measures 8"w x 6 1/2"d x 12 1/2"h, and is perfect to place on a counter top.
Price: $32.18
Acrylic Rotating Necklace Display, 17 Holes,
This is a rotating acrylic necklace display, able to display up to 17 necklaces. The top is 7" diameter and the necklace holder is available in 2 heights.
Price: $38.58
Acrylic Slant back Top Mount Necklace Display, Available in Clear or Black
This acrylic necklace display holder is constructed in a rectangular form and displays multiple necklaces. It measures 15 3/8"w x 11 1/2"h. Choose from the color options below.
Price: $12.11
Bracelet Display, 12 1/4"w x 7"h
Shoppers can peruse your jewelry with ease with this bracelet display. Display measures 12-1/4"h x 7"w and provides a professional polish to your retail display.
Price: $18.22
Bracelet Display, 5 3/4"w x 5 3/4"w
Display your jewelry with style with this 5-3/4" x 5-3/4" bracelet display. Display allows customers to easily browse your selection from a stationary position.
Price: $14.16
Double Necklace or Bracelet T-Bar Display, 16"h
This necklace or bracelet double t-bar display is made of acrylic. 2 display bars allow you to display many pieces in a compact space. The acrylic double t-bar stand measures 11 1/2"w x 16"h.
Price: $40.62
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