Acrylic Book Easels

Book Easel with Lip - Available in 4 Sizes
These acrylic book easels have a front lip and are tilted back. Design makes displaying books, art, media and other flat items simple. Available in 4 sizes, ranging from 4",6",8", and 11".
Price: $3.25
Book Easel, 5 1/2"h, No Front Lip
This acrylic book easel is ideal for displaying flat items such as books or small signs. This particular easel is tilted back, with no front lip. It measures 5 1/2"w X 5 1/2"h.
Price: $4.58
Deep Acrylic Book Easel - Available in 3 Sizes
An acrylic easel ideal for displaying books or other types of media. This easel features a 3" opening that is perfect for boxed items such as games or software. Backward tilt features allows shoppers a ull view of the product.
Price: $4.58