Acrylic Display Cases

Protect your merchandise with acrylic display cases. Clear acrylic will help you show your product off while locking doors will help you protect it. In addition, you get to spend time showing off customer service as you open these display cases made from acrylic for your customers. Since acrylic is such a custom medium, we are able to create display cases that fit your product and your merchandise. If you have slatwall, we have created brackets for our display cases so that you can attach the acrylic. Need an acrylic display case that spins? Check out our display cases with lazy suzans. Show your products off from all angles. Whatever your need for acrylic display cases is, we have it covered.

» Acrylic Display Cases
Acrylic Locking Ballot Box, 8 1/2" Square
This acrylic ballot box will help collect contact information or contest entries. The locking mechanism ensures that contents are not disturbed. Ideal for elections or donations.
Counter Acrylic Display Case with Sliding Door
This double door acrylic display case features 2 display shelves. Dimensions are 21"w x 7 1/2"d x 13&"h. Clear acrylic is highly durable and gives a clean professional look
Flat Acrylic Showcase, 24"w x 3"d x 18"h
This flat acrylic display case is ideal for jewelry, knives, trading cards, etc. The acrylic form allows light in from all angles while keeping your product protected and easy to access with its locking hinged top.
Jewelry T-Bar Showcase, 13"wx7 1/2"dx21"h
This durable 2 bar jewelry display case will allow your customers to view your product from every angle, while keeping them safe and secure with it's locking hinged door.
Countertop Acrylic Display Case, Customizable
This countertop acrylic display case is freestanding with dimensions of 13"w x 7 1/2"d x 21"h, featuring locking hinged doors. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable and gives a clean professional look.
Acrylic Showcase, 2 Shelves, 16"w x 7"d x 12"h - Clarity Series
This acrylic display case has a locking vertical sliding door. There is an acrylic handle on the bottom of the sliding door that will help you easily open the door as you sell your merchandise to your customers.
Mini Tower Showcase, 6"w x 6"d x 16"h
If you need a small acrylic display with lazy suzan capabilities, this display case will help your customer see your products from all sides. Acrylic will keep your products secure and attractive.
Acrylic Showcase, 3 Shelves
Large locking acrylic showcase. This countertop unit measures 15 1/2"w x 8 1/2"d x 24"h and features 3 acrylic flat shelves. Clear acrylic is highly durable and creates a clean professional look
Acrylic Jewelry Display Case, 4 Shelf
This large acrylic display case is ideal for displaying jewelry among other items. It's dimensions are 15 1/2"w x 8 1/2"d x 24"h with 4 slanted shelves.
Hexagon Acrylic Display Case
This hexagon acrylic display case has 2 flat shelves and a hinged door for ease of entry. It is 11 3/4"w x 10 3/4"d x 21"h. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable and gives a clean professional look.
Buying acrylic display cases for your store

Depending on the location of your store, it can be fast paced or cool and comfortable. One thing for certain is that it is important to keep all of your merchandise secure. There are a variety of ways to do this, but few of them match the display capabilities of acrylic display cases. Acrylic display cases help you keep your merchandise attractive and secure at the same time. Most display cases made from acrylic have locks on their doors that can be engaged so that only you or your employees can access them.
Acrylic display cases are customizable. You can change the number of shelves, keep them in or take them out. If you need a wider dimension, you can order the acrylic of your display case to be cut to a bigger or smaller size. You still get the same clean lines and airy appearance that you would expect from our acrylics.
What if you are always on the go though and need a transportable acrylic display? Acrylic display cases make the perfect transportable display for you merchandise. These showcases are lightweight and durable. We pack them with so much packing material, we guarantee they will get to you safely. If not, we send you another right away – free of charge.

Acrylic display case benefits:
Easily transportable

What about your acrylic case once you get it set up? It still has benefits. People buy from people. Every time you unlock one of our acrylic display cases, you get a chance to interact with your customers. This will give you a chance to talk about your merchandise and help your customers with whatever they need. Adding value to every interaction is what retail is all about.