Multi Level Acrylic Trays


Tiered acrylic tray displays are perfect for displaying many different items within one tiered tray display. The customizable design allows you to find a tiered tray display that fits your display needs perfectly. These tiered tray displays are constructed of high quality acrylic to withstand high traffic environments. If you would like more detailed information on purchasing a tiered acrylic tray display scroll to the bottom of this page or follow this link: Tiered Acrylic Tray display Buying Guide.
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Single and Multiple Compartment Acrylic Tray Display
These acrylic trays are available with single, 2, 3, 4, or 5 compartments. All trays are 16"w x 4"d x 3"h, and are available for slatwall or gridwall display.
Price: $13.13
Two Tray Acrylic Display Rack with Trays
Acrylic Multi Bin rack, holds two trays. Trays come with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 compartments and measure 16"w x 4"d x 3"h. Also available for Slatwall or Gridwall display.
Price: $40.62
Acrylic 3 Tray Tiered Bin Display
This multi level acrylic tray rack has 3 tiers and comes with three trays. Trays come with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 compartments and measure 16"w x 4"d x 3"h. Also available for slatwall or gridwall display.
Price: $54.86
4 Tier Acrylic Tray Rack with Tiered Trays
This acrylic tray rack is tiered with 4 trays, each measuring 16"w x 4"d x 3"h. The acrylic rack measures 16 1/2"w x 16"d x 12 1/2"h. Small items and accessories are nicely displayed with customizable trays. Choose from the options below.
Price: $74.81
5 Tier Bin Display with Custom Bins
This acrylic multi bin display rack is comes with 5 tiered, custom trays. Each tray measures 16"w x 4"d x 3"h and is available with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 compartments.
Price: $101.26


Tiered Acrylic Tray Buying Guide

Our tiered acrylic tray displays come in various designs. You can choose from different tiere levels and compartments. This is great for finding a tiered tray display for your specific need. Below is some information to help you while browsing for a tiered tray display.

• Tiered Acrylic Tray Dimensions
• Tiered Acrylic Tray Number of Tiers
• Tiered Acrylic Tray Compartments

Tiered Acrylic Tray Dimensions
While keeping in mind the capacity and functionality of your tiered tray display is important also remember to keep in mind your retail space limitations. Find an acrylic tiered tray that fits your space and also gives you the functionality you need.

Tiered Acrylic Tray Number of Tiers
There are countless designs available for jewelry display that we carry. Make sure the acrylic jewelry display you have chosen will properly serve its purpose in your retail space. You can find jewelry displays for rings. These are shaped like hands and bring a unique design element while being highly functions. You can even find acrylic mirrors to place for your customer’s convenience. Earring acrylic jewelry displays along with eyewear displays, necklace displays, bracelet displays, etc. are available. Take your time to find the jewelry display perfect for you.

Tiered Acrylic Tray Compartments
Along with the customizable number of tiers you can also select how many compartments you want each each to have. To find a tiered acrylic display that fits your needs make sure that you choose the number of compartments that works for your space. Each tray can have a different number of compartments so the display is fully customizable.