Acrylic Slatwall Shelves


Every display situation is unique and you need a perfect solution for your space. We carry many different designs of acrylic slatwall shelves to help meet this need. Acrylic shelves are available in various widths, depths, mounting style, and thicknesses. You can be assured that your displayed products will be safely and securely displayed using these acrylic shelves. The highest grade acrylic materials are used in the construction of our acrylic shelves. This gives a long lasting durable acrylic shelf that will perform exactly as expected. If you would like further information on purchasing acrylic slatwall shelves scroll to the bottom of this page or please follow this link: Acrylic Slatwall Shelf Buying Guide
Large Slatwall Shelves w/Lip - Available in 2 Sizes
These slatwall shelves are ideal for displaying books, videos, software, etc. An acrylic lip offers additional support for your merchandise. This piece is also available with a 10 degree tilt back. Measures 5 1/4"d x 6 1/2"h. Choose from the width options below.
Price: $23.93
Slanted Slatwall Display Shelves
These slanted slatwall shelves are ideal for displaying shoes, books, stationary, packaged apparel, etc. You'll appreciate the heavy duty acrylic lip for added support. Choose from the size options below to get request a freight quote today!
Price: $7.13
Slat Wall Braced Shelves - Heavy Duty
An acrylic braced shelf for slat wall display. Constructed from one piece for extra heavy items. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable and gives a clean professional look.
Price: $20.26
Slatwall Book Shelf, Available in 2 Sizes
This acrylic shelf is ideal for displaying books and is for slatwall display only. Non-lipped edge allows a full frontal view of your product. Choose from the size options below.
Price: $23.93
Slatwall CD Shelves, Open Ended
An acrylic slatwall shelf ideal for displaying CDs. Shelves are rear tilting to keep product from sliding. Measures 23 3/4"w x 4"d x 3"h. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable.
Price: $22.30
Slatwall or Gridwall Acrylic Hat Rack Display Shelf, Available in 2 Sizes
This hat display shelf is a great accessory to add to your gridwall or slatwall display. It is constructed of clear acrylic and is made to accommodate a single cap, or available in extended length to hold multiple caps. Choose from the options below.
Price: $4.98
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Tiered Acrylic Tray Buying Guide

Our tiered acrylic tray displays come in various designs. You can choose from different tiere levels and compartments. This is great for finding a tiered tray display for your specific need. Below is some information to help you while browsing for a tiered tray display.

• Tiered Acrylic Tray Dimensions
• Tiered Acrylic Tray Number of Tiers
• Tiered Acrylic Tray Compartments

Tiered Acrylic Tray Dimensions
While keeping in mind the capacity and functionality of your tiered tray display is important also remember to keep in mind your retail space limitations. Find an acrylic tiered tray that fits your space and also gives you the functionality you need.

Tiered Acrylic Tray Number of Tiers
There are countless designs available for jewelry display that we carry. Make sure the acrylic jewelry display you have chosen will properly serve its purpose in your retail space. You can find jewelry displays for rings. These are shaped like hands and bring a unique design element while being highly functions. You can even find acrylic mirrors to place for your customer’s convenience. Earring acrylic jewelry displays along with eyewear displays, necklace displays, bracelet displays, etc. are available. Take your time to find the jewelry display perfect for you.