Counter Displays

We have counter displays for a large variety of merchandising needs. We have counter jewelry displays and acrylic counter displays. If you can't find what you need, we have the components that will help you build your own counter displays.

Hexagon Wooden Countertop Display - Black
To increase visibility in this counter top display case even further there is one 50 watt halogen light installed standard. The mirror deck inside helps to reflect light giving you maximum visibility.
Price: $603.02
Rectangular Wood Glass Display Cabinet - Black
This display cabinet is a great addition to your retail space. The standard 50 watt light combined with the mirror deck increases visibility substantially in this display case.
Price: $1208.18
Tall Wooden Rectangular Countertop Display Cabinet
This countertop display case is simple in design as not to distract from the items on display. Its ability to be displayed on a countertop puts it at a very convenient location.
Price: $315.94
Wood Hexagon Glass Countertop Display Cabinet
For additional lighting one 50 watt light comes standard with this case. This ensures that lighting is consistent and constant.
Price: $481.82
Wood Octagon Countertop Display Case
This wood octagon countertop display is a great addition to any retail space. It can be placed on a countertop making it convenient for both yourself and the customer.
Price: $379.10
Wooden Glass Countertop Case With Flat Top
This wooden countertop case is perfect for displaying items at a convenient area for customers. The large glass area allows more ambient light into the display area of the case increasing visibility.
Price: $257.14
Wooden Octagon Countertop Display Case
The solid construction of this countertop display case is due to a solid wood construction. For added visibility one 50watt halogen light comes standard with this display case. This keeps products consistently visible at all times.
Price: $489.74
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