Plastic Retail Clothes Hangers

» Plastic Clothes Hangers for Retail
12" Clear Child's Shirt Hanger (100 per box)
 Your smaller children's apperal will need these twelve inch long retail hangers to help you organize and keep them look great. This retail hanger is clear and has multiple hanging points for further versatility.
12" Clear Child's Pants Hanger  (100 per box)
Retail childrren's pants hanger help you keep your children's pants wrinkle free and looking their best. It is clear and has adjustable combo clips. Perfect for keeping your children's pants and shorts looking their best.
14" Clear Child's Shirt Hanger  (100 per box)
A fourteen inch children's shirt hanger that has multiple hanging spots to give it more versatility. This product is clear and will showcase your children's apparel with out distracting from their color scheme.
14" Black Pant Or Skirt Hanger (100 per box)
Fourteen inch pant and skirt hanger. This retial clothes hanger is a must have for any store selling pants or women's skirts.
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