Acrylic Cube 3/16"

Acrylic Cube 3/16"
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4"w x 4"d x 4"h
6"w x 6"d x 6"h
8"w x 8"d x 8"h
10"w x 10"d x 10"h
12"w x 12"d x 12"h
14"w x 14"d x 14"h
15"w x 15"d x 15"h
16"w x 16"d x 16"h
18"w x 18"d x 18"h
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This is a 3/16” acrylic cube. Theses cubes are a great way to increase the utility of your space with a clean and sleek solution. The clear design allows customers to view the items on display. These are also easy to combine to create custom display areas. Acrylic display cubes are available in several sizes, perfect for a variety of retail needs. Use as bins, pedestals or covers for valuables. Cubes are five sided and constructed of 3/16" clear acrylic.

Overall Dimensions Available

    4"W X 4"D X 4"H
    6"W X 6"D X 6"H
    8"W X 8"D X 8"H
    10"W X 10"D X 10"H
    12"W X 12"D X 12"H
    14"W X 14"D X 14"H
    15"W X 15"D X 15"H
    16"W X 16"D X 16"H
    18"W X 18"D X 18"H


Acrylic Cubes 1/8"
Five sided cubes constructed of 1/8" acrylic. You can use this acrylic display box to protect your collectibles or as a riser. Acrylic cubes keep your collectibles or merchandise safe from dust and damage. Available in a wide range of sizes. You can use these cubes to keep your collectibles safe from the elements or as a platform to raise them up. Choose from the size options below. If you have questions about acrylic cubes, please give us a call.