Riser Set 2", 3", 4", 1/8" Thick

Riser Set 2", 3", 4", 1/8" Thick
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This is a set of three acrylic risers. These risers are perfect for displaying items in a unique way. The flame polished edges create a clean and professional finish. The varrying sizes allow for dynamic in your display setup. These acrylic risers are highly durable and will make your product look the best it can. The simple design does not distract and blends well into pre-existing decor.


  • 1/8" clear acrylic plastic
  • Flame polished edges

Overall Dimensions Available:

  • 2"w x 2"d x 2"h
  • 3"w x 3"d x 3"h
  • 4"w x 4"d x 4"h
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Variety Acrylic Riser Set of 5
(1) 6"w 6"d 3"h (1) 6"w 6"d 9"h (1) 6"w 6"d 12"h (1) 12"w 6"d 3"h (1) 6"w 6"d 6"h