Portrait Slant Back Acrylic Sign holder - Tall

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Product ID 1107A
Price: $1.77

Maximize Vertical Space for Information Display

These tall acrylic sign holders make the most of vertical space to show important details. The upright design works well on counters and desks, fitting neatly into your current setup. Built from durable clear plastic, these vertical holders are made to last and look professional.

Key Features

    Vertical Orientation

  • Ideal for tall, portrait-style content
  • Clear Acrylic Material

  • Allows full visibility of your vertical message
  • Slanted Design

  • Improves readability of tall signs

Display Specifications

  • Material: Clear acrylic plastic
  • Edge Finish: Smooth, flame-polished edges
  • Style: Upright portrait orientation

Advantages for Your Business

These tall sign holders offer more than just vertical display. They can boost your business in several ways:

  • Use vertical space efficiently for information display
  • Keep tall signs and notices clearly visible
  • Add a sleek, professional look to vertical surfaces

Ideal Uses for Tall Acrylic Sign Holders

These upright displays work well in many settings:

  1. Retail Shelves: Display tall product info cards
  2. Information Desks: Show vertical directories or guidelines
  3. Menu Stands: Present tall, detailed menu listings

Who Needs Tall Portrait Sign Holders

Many businesses find these vertical sign holders useful:

  • Boutique Owners: Display tall product descriptions
  • Restaurant Managers: Show upright daily specials or wine lists
  • Hotel Staff: Present vertical check-in information

Tall Portrait Acrylic Sign Holder FAQ

What sizes are available for these tall holders?

We offer various vertical sizes to fit different needs:

  • 2"w x 3-1/2"h (smallest)
  • 2-1/2"w x 3-1/2"h
  • 3-1/2"w x 5-1/2"h
  • 4"w x 6"h
  • 5"w x 7"h
  • 5-1/2"w x 7"h
  • 7"w x 11"h
  • 8"w x 10"h
  • 8-1/2"w x 11"h (largest)

How do I insert my vertical content into the holder?

Simply slide your tall sign or information card into the top opening of the holder. The slanted design will keep it in place.

Can I use these tall holders for horizontal content?

While designed for vertical use, you can use them for horizontal content in a pinch. However, we recommend our landscape-oriented holders for the best horizontal display.

Are these suitable for outdoor use?

These tall holders are made for indoor use. For outdoor vertical displays, please check our weather-resistant options.

How do I clean these vertical acrylic holders?

Use a soft cloth with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh cleaners that might scratch the clear surface.

Order Your Tall Acrylic Sign Holders Now

Make the most of vertical space for information display. These clear, durable tall sign holders suit many business needs. Pick the size that fits your vertical content and make your upright messages stand out.