Economy Acrylic Tray, Available in 3 Sizes

Economy Acrylic Tray, Available in 3 Sizes
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10"w x 8"d x 1 1/4"h
12"w x 8"d x 1 1/4"h
15"w x 8"d x 1 1/4"h
Price: $9.67
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With this economy acrylic tray you can easily store or display various items. The simple design fits in nicely with surrounding decor. There are multiple sizes available to fit your specific needs.  The sides make sure that you products stay securely in place.

Economy acrylic trays feature unfinished edges and thinner acrylic.


  • Clear acrylic plastic

Overall Dimensions Available:


  • 10 "w x 8"d x 1-1/4"h
  • 12"w x 8"d x 1-1/4"h
  • 15"w x 8"d x 1-1/4"h


Acrylic Tray w/ Lid, Available in 2 Sizes
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