Acrylic Countertop Spoon or Pen Display

Acrylic Countertop Spoon or Pen Display
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2"w - Holds 1 Pen or Spoon
6 3/4"w - Holds 6 Pens or Spoons
6 3/4"w - Holds 8 Pens (For Pen Display Only)
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This is an acrylic spoon or pen holder.The small recessed area holds the displayed product in place securely. With a simple design you can place this display in many different locations and it will blend in seamlessly. We carry multiple sizes of this display to provide you with choices for any display situation.


  • Clear acrylic plastic
  • Flame polished edges
  • About 2 3/4" deep
  • Routed top notch is about 1/2" diameter

Overall Dimensions Available:

  • 2" wide for the single spoon or pen stand and 6 3/4" wide for the 6 or 8 qty spoon or pen stand
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