Tall Pastry Display Case - Self Service - Ready to Ship

Product ID 9937NOW
Price: $4836.69

This pastry display case stands almost 6 feet tall and helps your customers serve themselves to your baked treats. The bag bins are adjustable to fit your store. The interior deck is HPL and stands up well to food service use. There are food safe lights in the sides of this pastry display case that keep your treats inviting.

Standard Features:

  • 31"L X 24"D X 70"H
  • Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Glass Ends
  • White Interior
  • Aluminum Framed, Tempered Glass Hinged Doors (Self Closing)
  • White Wire Shelves (4)
  • Adjustable Bag Bins
  • Side Lights with Lamps and Shields (31" & 40" L-2)
  • 6” Black Kick Base
  • Air Vents (2)
  • LPL Exterior Finish
  • White HPL Interior Deck
  • 12” Cord, Plug and Switch
  • U.L. Listed