CD Browser Add on Unit - 1 per box

Product ID DURA-A30
Price: $224.86
Our CD browser add on unit is a great addition to your retail space. This CD unit is designed for flip-viewing CDs, DVDs, etc. The placement of this CD unit can be against a wall or at the end of an isle. You can even place them end to end to create a continuous display. This CD browsing unit is constructed from high quality material to ensure that the unit you receive is built to last. The tiered design also makes it much easier to organize your products, and customers will have a simpler browsing experience.

Available in three colors.

Available Features:
  • Casters for easier mobility
  • Slatgrid panels for various attaching display items
  • Available in black, white, or hammertone
  • Capacity of 432 CDs or 288 DVDs
Overall Dimensions Available:
  • 48" H x 52" W x 30" D