Quarter-Vision Glass Jewelry Display Counter - 20D x 42H - Available in 4 Widths

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Product ID GL118
Price: $1602.00
This is a quarter vision glass jewelry display counter. The glass display area is 12” high for easy visibility. Based on size of case, enjoy either 5, 6.6, 8.3 or 10 square feet respectively of elegant shelf space for your products. There is a halogen light strip installed to increase the visibility of your displayed products. Glass doors create a more open feeling and let more light through. There is a storage area that features a locking mechanism to prevent theft. The display area is also protected by a plunger lock.

Overall Dimensions Available

    36”W x 20”D x 42”H
    48”W x 20”D x 42”H
    60”W x 20”D x 42”H
    72”W x 20”D x 42”H


    Ships pre-assembled.

Standard Features

    Tempered glass
    Halogen light strip
    Clear glass doors
    Locking sliding glass doors (plunger lock)
    Storage with sliding doors (push lock)
    Laminated deck
    Electrical cord with switch

Options Available By Request

    Glass to glass front
    Mirror doors
    Solid doors
    Drop down doors
    Pull out decks
    Drawers for storage (cam lock)
    Fluorescent Octron light strip
    LED light strip
    Molding/recessed molding
    Mirror on inner sides

Additional Information

This display counter is shipped pre-assembled for your convenience.