Square Open Display Case - 26W x 26D x 73H - Exceptional Series

Square Open Display Case - 26W x 26D x 73H - Exceptional Series
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Price: $1194.00
  • Description
This is a square open display case. The open design of the showcase allows your customers to interact with your display more directly. There are a multitude of standard options for this open showcase. Halogen lighting increases the visibility of your products greatly. There are four adjustable tempered glass shelves. Tempered glass is much more durable and the adjustable nature of the shelving is great for displaying differently sized items. Wheels are built into this case to make it easier to relocate in your retail space.

Displayed in maple laminate, with black anodized aluminum framing, this unit is available in all standard finishes. Custom finished are available upon request at an additional cost.

Overall Dimensions Available

    26”W x 26”D x 73”H


    Ships knocked down

Standard Features

    Tempered glass
    Four adjustable ¼" thick glass shelves
    Two 50 watt halogen top lights
    Laminated deck
    Electrical cord with switch

Options Available By Request

    Micro halogen spotlights
    LED spotlights
    LED top lights
    3/8" tempered glass shelves
    Bottom storage available with one piano hinge locking door
    Crown on top canopy

Additional Information

This durable square open display case is perfect for any retail space. Its simple design will blend in nicely with any pre-existing décor. The vertical design also saves valuable floor space.