Wooden Glass Feature Case - Octagon

Product ID WOOD-A31
Price: $972.94

This is a wooden glass feature case. The octagon shape of the display area is very unique and brings a nice design aesthetic to your retail environment. This octagon feature case is accessible from all sides making it easy for customers to browse. On both of the hinged doors there are security hinges and locks. This helps to prevents theft. On the display area there is black velvet. This creates a contrast to the displayed products which increases their visibility.

Overall dimensions:  45”H x 35"D x 35"L

Molding Type: Squared

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

Shelving:  None

Storage: None

Lights: None

Stain: Custom stains are available (Click here to view custom finishes we have available for this wooden glass feature case)

Shipping: This product is shipped pre-assembled.

The unique design of this octagon feature case is simple yet elegant. The solid wood construction will also allow this feature case to stand the test of time.

We also build custom wooden glass feature case if this design does not fit your requirements exactly.

Click here to view the full line of custom finishes we have available for this wooden glass feature case.
When checking out leave the code for your chosen finish in the notes section.
If you could not find a suitable finish or need to do a color match contact us directly and we will work with you personally to satisfy your display needs.