Wooden Counter Magnet Merchandiser Display

Product ID WOOD-A98
Price: $2.69
This is a wooden countertop magnet merchandiser display. This magnet display is constructed from solid baltic birch wood. The countertop design is perfect for placing this display at a convenient location in your store. The large surface area allows for the display of many magnets on one display

Overall dimensions:
18”Hx 6"D x 10.5"L

Storage: None

Custom stains are available (Click here to view custom finishes we have available for this magnet merchandiser)

Shipping: This product is shipped pre-assembled

The base of this countertop magnet merchandiser display is rotating. The rotating function makes browsing much easier for the customer. The two sided design of this wooden magnet display  allows for access from both sides.

We also build custom wooden counter magnet merchandisers if this design does not fit your requirements exactly.
Click here to view the full line of custom finishes we have available for this wooden counter magnet merchandiser
When checking out leave the code for your chosen finish in the notes section.
If you could not find a suitable finish or need to do a color match contact us directly and we wil