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Mannequin Female Head Middle Chest And Neck
This example of our realistic mannequins is a part mannequin of a female form including the head, neck. and middle chest. Perfect for displaying necklaces, scarves and hats in a way that your customers can truly see how glamorous your merchandise will look on actual people.
Price: $23.08
Mannequin Male Full Body With Face Ethnic
This example of our realistic mannequins has it's arms by it's side and straight legs in an ethnic variety. Perfect for displaying your latest merchandise and apparel.
Price: $169.23
Medium 4" Stationary Wire Display Stand
This medium stationary vinyl coated wire display stand is ideal for economically displaying all types of merchandise from pictures and books to electronics and dinnerware. Twelve (12) items per order.
Price: $12.62
Medium Acrylic Riser 1/4" Acrylic
This acrylic riser is made of sturdy 1/4" clear acrylic. You can mix and match with larger risers to create a multitude of display options. Available separately or as a group of three.
Price: $8.06
Medium Acrylic Riser 3/16" Thick
Display several small items or put just one in the spot light with these attractive acrylic display risers. Each riser is three sided and is available in a variety of sizes. Each riser features flame polished edges.
Price: $4.66
Medium Adjustable Acrylic and Wire Easel
The medium acrylic based wire backed adjustable book display is great for displaying everything from plates and books to art work and dinnerware. Twelve (12) items per order.
Price: $13.72
Medium Adjustable Wire Display Stand
Made in the U.S.A. this durable vinyl coated wire display stand is a very economical and long lasting way to display all types of merchandise. Twelve (12) items per order.
Price: $9.58
Metal Framed Slatwall Sign Holder - 50 per box
These sign holders have rear hooks that mount easily onto slatwall for ease in creating a specific type of display. Each holder is metal framedfor a professional appearance.
Price: $293.80
middle shelf rest for light duty brackets - 500 per box - Chrome
We can break box quantity on this item for an additional $3.00 per box. Just add the item to your cart and leave notes during checkout.
Price: $72.69
millinery (hat) display for 1" square tube vertical twist on includes foam pad - 50 per box - Chrome
Customize your retail display with these twist on hat display hooks. Install anywhere on your vertical tubing easily to create a display all your own.
Price: $200.82
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