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Portrait Bottom Loading Sign Holder
You can insert the sign or information that you want your customers to see into this bottom loading acrylic sign holder. The sign is inserted into the bottom and the acrylic is set on a countertop. The orientation of the sign holder is taller than wide or portrait.
Price: $2.28
Power Wing Loop Hook - 100 per box
These loop hooks mount quickly and easily onto gridwall. Double wire loop design prevents products hang tag from tearing.
Price: $52.32
Power Wing Peg Hook - 100 per box
These wire hooks allow you to accessorize your power wing display to reveal its true potential. Hooks feature sturdy rear brackets that make mounting fast and easy.
Price: $47.68
Printable Scanner Tags - 250 per box
The printable scanner tags make labeling your products for sale easy. Each sheet is printer ready and pre-perforated, allowing you to quickly and easily make your product ready for the shelf.
Price: $61.48
Quarter-Vision Curved Corner Glass Jewelry Display Cases - 44.5W x 24D x 42H - Exceptional Series
This is an exceptional series, glass, quarter-vision, curved corner jewelry display case. It measures - 44.5W x 24D 42H.
Price: $2315.00
Quarter-Vision Glass Jewelry Display Cases - Corner - Two Cut - W x 20D x 42H - Exceptional Series
The two corners on this display case make it easy to create a custom display are by combining displays. It also works great as a standalone display case. 
Price: $2315.00
Rack straight double bar with v brace 60"l adjusts 48" to 83" h - 1 per box - Chrome
Double bar garment rack in chrome. 60" long, 48" to 83 " high with v-brace. Double sided design allows for items to be hung on both sides and for easy access.
Price: $88.12
Realistic Female Mannequin Arms By Side
This example of our realistic mannequins has it's arms by it's side and left foot slightly forward. Combined with one of our realistic mannequin wigs your customers will truly be able to envision how your merchandise will appear.
Price: $136.92
Realistic Female Mannequin Arms By Side Left Leg Extended
This female realistic mannequin features its' arms by its' side and left leg extended with molded and painted hair to complete its' realistic look. Great for displaying merchandise or apparel in a way in which customers can truly see how they will look.
Price: $136.92
Realistic Female Mannequin Hand On Hip Plus Size Breast
This realistic mannequin features it's right hand on it's hip with it's left leg slightly bent, and plus sized chest. With the addition of one of our realistic mannequin wigs it looks just like the real thing.
Price: $152.31
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