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Rectangular Modular Display Shelf
Parallel rectangular modular display shelving with 10 shelves. Tiered design allows for multiple items to be displayed in one area without sacrificing space.
Price: $381.20
rectangular tube telescoping faceout vertical twist on adjusts 16", 19" 22" for rectangular rack - 25 per box - Chrome
These telescoping faceouts for vertical tubing are the ultimate in versatile retail display. Customize your display by adding additional display space, which can be adjusted to 16", 19" or 22" depending on your current need.
Price: $110.77
Rectangular Tubing - 1/2" x 1-1/2" - 10 per box - Select desired length.
Rectangular tubing can be inserted into rectangular tubing brackets that attach to slatwall, gridwall, or wall standards. They easily hook into the associated brackets and come in chrome. You can pick lengths from 4' to 8' depending on your needs. Packaged 10 per box. Price is per box.
Price: $74.62
rectangular tubing hangrail support bracket for slatwall - 50 per box - Chrome
the rectangular tubing construction of the support bracket allows slatwall brackets to bear additional weight. Support brackets feature a  chrome finish.
Price: $115.80
Rectangular Tubing Hooks - 1/4" dia. - 100 per box - Chrome - Select desired length.
Rectangular Tubing hooks are hooked to rectangular tubing so that you can merchandise packages with holes in them. They are simple, inexpensive, and come in chrome. You can choose a length from 2" to 12". Packaged 96 per box. Price is per box.
Price: $52.31
Rectangular Wood Glass Display Cabinet - Black
This display cabinet is a great addition to your retail space. The standard 50 watt light combined with the mirror deck increases visibility substantially in this display case.
Price: $1006.82
replacement 16" straight arm all rectangular with Chrome strip - 4 per box
These garment rack replacement arms are made of sturdy rectangular metal tubing and re an economical way to revamp or customize your retail display. Each arm features a 16" display rod.
Price: $40.71
replacement 16" straight arm square tube - 4 per box - Chrome
This replacement arm can be added to a garment rack base. We can break box quantity on this item for an additional $3.00 per box. Just add the item to your cart and leave notes during checkout.
Price: $35.09
replacement 16" straight flag arm rectangular tube - 4 per box
These 16" flag arms allow you to easily replace the arms on your existing garment rack. Each arm is constructed of durable metal tubing. Available in two finishes.
Price: $37.15
replacement 22" straight arm all rectangular - 4 per box
These garment rack replacement arms are 22" long, allowing you to display more items from your existing display.Each arm is constructed of sturdy rectangular tubing.
Price: $23.08
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