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Spiral Stairway, 17 1/4"h x 12" Shelves
This five tier spiral staircase adds an elegant look to any retail display. Five levels of display surface allow you to create a display uniquely your own. Each shelf measures 4"d x 12"w, with a total height of 17-1/4".
Price: $35.63
splicer for 1" diameter 14 gauge round tubing - 100 per box - Chrome
This round tubing splicer allows you to extend your retail display area easily and economically. Cuff like design allows you to connect the ends of 14 gauge round tubing together for a continuous display area.
Price: $60.10
splicer for 1-1/4" diamteter 14 gauge round tubing - 100 per box - Chrome
We can break box quantity on this item for an additional $3.00 per box. Just add the item to your cart and leave notes during checkout.
Price: $65.90
splicer for rectangular tubing fits  1/2" x 1-1/2" - 200 per box - Chrome
These rectangular tubing splicers allow you to connect two pieces of tubing to create a continuous display area. Splicer fits 1/2" x 1-1/2" rectangular tubing.
Price: $201.60
Split Modular Exhibition Stand
This display stand is wide and has elegant display space from top to bottom. Tiered design allows for multiple items to be displayed in one area without sacrificing space.
Price: $844.32
spring clamp for 1" square tube fits  3/8" threaded stem - 100 per box - Chrome
This spring clamp is for a 1" square tube. It fits a 3/4" threaded stem. Perfect for Signs and Card holders alike. Attaches easily and is very durable.
Price: $145.38
spring clamp for rectangular tube fits 3/8" threaded stem - 100 per box - Chrome
This spring clamp is made for use with rectangular tubing anf fits a 3/8" threadded stem. It is very simple to attach and durable for high traffic areas.
Price: $157.02
spring clamp for rectangular tube with stem and rubber tip 4"h  1 set = 4 pcs - 1 per box - Chrome
This chrome spring clamp clips on to  a rectangular tube. This clamp features a rubber tip on a 4" stem. Easy to attach and very durable construction.
Price: $6.65
Square Acrylic Display Risers - Choose desired size or whole set.
These acrylic display risers are made of 1/8" thick clear acrylic. There are 7 different sizes of acrylic risers in this set. They are three sided and open on the front and back sides so that smaller acrylic risers can fit inside the larger ones if you wish. Features: standard clear acrylic display risers - 1/8" thick clear acrylic construction. - 7 sizes of acrylic risers to choose from. - 7 available sizes for square acrylic display risers
Price: $1.54
Square Acrylic Riser Set of 6 - 1/4" Acrylic
Upgrade your retail display fashionably and economically. This acrylic riser set has 1/8" clear acrylic. You get six square acrylic risers for a discounted price. (1) 4"w 4"d 4"h (1) 5"w 5"d 5"h (1) 6"w 6"d 6"h (1) 8"w 8"d 8"h (1) 10"w 10"d 10"h (1) 12"w 12"d 12"h
Price: $96.68
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