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Female vintage dress form - White
This is a vintage style dress form has an adjustable height to fit your situation and a wooden neck finial. This dress form comes in white. Base adds stability.
Price: $106.58
fine tagging gun deluxe model 9x pistol grip - 100 per box - BLUE
This delicate and fine fabric gun is used to tag garments that have to be handled with care. The needle, tags, and fasteners used in this fine tagging gun have a smaller diameter. We can break box quantity on this item for an additional $3.00 per box. Just add the item to your cart and leave notes during checkout.
Price: $876.92
flange closed for round tube wallmount - 100 per box - Chrome
Hold round tubing steady with these closed flanges. Flanges fit over the ends of round tubing and allow you to secure your display for use in a busy retail environment.
Price: $129.88
flange open for rectangular tube wallmount - 100 per box - Chrome
These wall mounted flanges have a sturdy metal rear plate for optimum durability. Open flanges allow you to add or remove rectangular tubing as needed.
Price: $203.08
flange open for round tube wallmount - 100 per box - Chrome
These open flanges allow you to adjust your display at any time to fit your current needs. Each flange comes in a variety of sizes to fit your round tubing and screw mounts to the wall.
Price: $160.90
Flat Acrylic Showcase, 24"w x 3"d x 18"h
This flat acrylic display case is ideal for jewelry, knives, trading cards, etc. The acrylic form allows light in from all angles while keeping your product protected and easy to access with its locking hinged top.
Price: $98.74
Flat Gridwall Shelf with Wire Supports - 4 per box
Flat gridwall shelf has wire supports that dramatically increase its load capability. Shelf is supported by rear facing hooks and can be mounted anywhere on your gridwall panel for a unique display.
Price: $70.34
Flexible Child Mannequin Five Year Old Model - 38" H
This child mannequin represents a five year old. It features flexible appendages for a variety of different posing options. Perfect for displaying children's clothing and accessories.
Price: $92.30
Flexible Child Mannequin Nine Year Old Model - 50" H
This child mannequin is that of a nine year old. It's flexible appendages help you create a scene using other mannequins or just all by it's self.
Price: $138.46
Flexible Child Mannequin Seven Year Old Model - 44" H
This child mannequin represents a seven year old. I's bendable appendages allow you to make different action poses.
Price: $107.08
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