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Framed "I" Rolling Gridwall Display - 1 per box
This I-framed gridwall display maximizes valuable retail space. Use display alone or in conjunction with shelves, basket and clips to create a unique retail display.
Price: $137.40
Framed Gridwall Connector - 100 per box
These gridwall connectors have two chambers that grip each grid individually to prevent sliding. The connector is held by a center screw, making gridwall easily adjustable. Connectors are finished with smooth edges.
Price: $443.06
Framed Gridwall Hinge Connector - 100 per box
Hinged gridwall connectors allow you to connect framed gridwall at any angel that suits you. Connectors are fitted with a rotating center pin that lets gridwall swing away smoothly.
Price: $618.46
Framed Gridwall Panel - 2 per box
These gridwall panels are framed with a metal tubing, allowing the to remain free standing in a stand, or connected together to form a unique retail display of your making. Frames are sturdy and can be used to separate different products or put together to form an entirely separate gridwall "room."
Price: $88.82
Framed Slatgrid I Display - 1 per box
This framed I slatgrid display is incredibly versatile. Use together with any of our available shelves, hooks or baskets to create a display all your own.
Price: $325.46
Free Standing Bra Form With Base (25 per box)
This is our free standing bra form with its own base. A must have to display bras on counter tops or shelves. This item comes in clear so not to distract from the merchandise. This free standing bra form comes in boxes of twenty five.
Price: $346.20
Free Standing Female Plastic Form (25 per box)
This plastic mannequin form is our female free standing form. Perfect for economically displaying women's apparel on tables, countertops, or even in showcase display windows. Choose in either black, white or clear. This plastic mannequin form comes in twenty five units per box.
Price: $253.80
Free Standing Male (25 per box)
This example of our plastic mannequin forms is a free standing male form. It is a very economical way to display all of your men's shirts and accessories. Choose in either black, white, or clear. This product comes in twenty five units per box.
Price: $253.80
Freestanding Counter Brochure Holder, available in 3 Sizes
This item is a free standing single slot brochure holder. Available in 3 sizes. Clear acrylic construction is minimalistic and gives a professional look. Available in multiple sizes.
Price: $6.02
Freestanding Economy Counter Brochure Holder, available in 2 Sizes
This item is a free standing single slot brochure holder. Available in 2 sizes. *Economy brochure holders feature unpolished edges and thinner acrylic.*
Price: $3.40
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