h-rails 60"l to double hang for single & double bar rack  1 pcs per box - Chrome
These rails are designed to allow you to make to most of your retail space. Circular rails attach to your existing single or double bar racks, allowing you to display two rows of garments on a single display side.
Price: $27.00
handbag double upright rack with four square waterfall 5 hook arms
This handbag rack is useful in creating smaller displays. The four, 5-hook arms can accommodate up to 20 handbags. Available in chrome finish.
Price: $90.24
hardware only to add on ring for round rack 1 set = 4 pcs - 1 per box - Chrome
This hardware allows you to transform your existing rack into a round garment rack. The four piece set is constructed of durable materials, so the rack can be used as a permanent or temporary fixture.
Price: $17.45
hat display 5 tier single upright 15" x 15" square base includes foam pads - 1 per box - Chrome
Five tiers of padded hat displays is what you get with this retail hat display tower. It also has a threaded hole in the top of the upright for a signholder if you need one. The hat display tiers are stationary.
Price: $172.58
non marking wheels and bumpers, 2 with brake and 2 without 1 set = 4 pcs - 1 per box - GRAY
Make transporting your retail display simple with these non-marking casters. Each set features two wheels equipped with brakes and all four equipped with rubber bumpers.
Price: $25.73
pins to hold top shelf for round rack 1 set = 4 pins - 1 per box - Chrome
These pins are designed for placement in round garment racks to allow you to safely add-on a top shelf. Rubberized ends prevent fragile glass from slipping.
Price: $2.83
Rack straight double bar with v brace 60"l adjusts 48" to 83" h - 1 per box - Chrome
Double bar garment rack in chrome. 60" long, 48" to 83 " high with v-brace. Double sided design allows for items to be hung on both sides and for easy access.
Price: $132.84
replacement 16" straight arm all rectangular with Chrome strip - 4 per box
These garment rack replacement arms are made of sturdy rectangular metal tubing and re an economical way to revamp or customize your retail display. Each arm features a 16" display rod.
Price: $48.85
replacement 16" straight arm square tube - 4 per box - Chrome
This replacement arm can be added to a garment rack base. We can break box quantity on this item for an additional $3.00 per box. Just add the item to your cart and leave notes during checkout.
Price: $42.11
replacement 16" straight flag arm rectangular tube - 4 per box
These 16" flag arms allow you to easily replace the arms on your existing garment rack. Each arm is constructed of durable metal tubing. Available in two finishes.
Price: $44.58
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