Single Pocket Slatwall Brochure Holder - Available in 3 Sizes
A single pocket acrylic brochure holder, for slatwall display. Available for three brochure sizes. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable and gives a clean professional look.
Extended Length Slat Wall Shelves - Available in 6 Sizes
These extended length, narrow depth, slatwall shelves are best suited for smaller, lightweight items. They are constructed of clear acrylic. Choose from the size options below.
Slatwall 3 Tier Brochure Holder - Available in 2 Sizes
This acrylic brochure holder features 3 tiered pockets. This unit is constructed to be displayed using your slatwall system. Available for 2 brochure sizes. Choose from the size options below.
Large Slatwall Shelves w/Lip - Available in 2 Sizes
These slatwall shelves are ideal for displaying books, videos, software, etc. An acrylic lip offers additional support for your merchandise. This piece is also available with a 10 degree tilt back. Measures 5 1/4"d x 6 1/2"h. Choose from the width options below.
Acrylic Slatwall Hook
This acrylic hook can be used to hang just about anything with straps or handles. It measures 1 1/2"wide and features a 2" lip. A great piece to add to your slatwall.
Slat Wall Braced Shelves - Heavy Duty
An acrylic braced shelf for slat wall display. Constructed from one piece for extra heavy items. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable and gives a clean professional look.
Slatwall Acrylic Greeting Card Racks - Available in 4 Sizes
This rack is ideal for displaying many types of media such as books, DVDs, greeting cards and software. Available in open or closed ended styles in 4 sizes. Also available with a 20 degree tilt number. Choose from the options below.
Slatwall Hangrail Brackets w/ 24" Rod
Acrylic hang rails are very sturdy and are resistant to wear an tear. This hang rail set includes 2 hang rail slatwall brackets along with a 24" hang rail bar
Slatwall Acrylic Straight Arm
A 4" acrylic arm constructed for slatwall or gridwall display. Straight arm is constructed from sturdy clear acrylic for a polished, professional look.
Slatwall or Gridwall T-Bar Necklace Display
This t-bar bracelet or necklace display is a great accessory to add to your slatwall or gridwall presentation. The t-bar measures 15 1/2" wide and is constructed of clear acrylic.