Realistic Mannequins

Our realistic mannequins come in a variety of different looks and poses. With their permanent make up combined with a variety of different wigs they can appear so life like that it's hard to tell them from the real thing.
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Realistic Female Mannequin With Right Hand On Hip
This female realistic mannequin has it's right hand on it's hip and left leg slightly bent. Utilizing this mannequin's realistic appearance helps businesses and retail outlets all across the world increase sales and profits.
Price: $164.30
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How are these mannequins constructed?

These realistic mannequins are made of polyurethane with a hollow body for ease to use. Their torsos and arms detach allowing quick and painless apparel changing.

Why do business and retail stores use realistic mannequins?

Business owners and retail outlets have discovered that the use of our realistic mannequins increases sales and profits by attracting customers to their stores and allowing them to truly invasion how their merchandise will look on actual people.

Are these realistic mannequins affordable?

Our realistic mannequins are extremely competitively priced. In today's highly crowded market place it is very important to obtain an edge over ones competitors. These mannequins are an affordable, quick way of doing just that.