Retail Cash Wrap Counters

Our retail checkout counters can be used as stand alone cash wrap counters or wrap around counters. Notice that each design has different storage options. One thing to pay attention to is the top surface of the cash wrap counter. If you have high traffic and a lot of heavy items moving across your checkout counter, you might consider going with a sales counter with a high pressure laminate top. This will last longer than a melamine cover. Additionally, darker colors of either covering will show wear faster than lighter colors when choosing a retail cash wrap counter.

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Wrap Counter with Slatwall Front Panel
This wrap checkout counter will allow you to get the most use and functionality out of your retail space without sacrificing floor space. The simple design of this product means it will blend well with any pre-existing décor.
Wood Cash Wrap Checkout Counter
Wood cash wrap checkout counter is a simple design but highly functional. The simple nature of the design also saves space and blends well with any décor.
Wooden Cash Regiser Stand
This wooden cash register stand is available in different sizes to suit your needs. This register stand is also highly durable to last a long time in a retail area.
Wooden Combination Display Case and Cash Register Stand
Full vision display cases allow you products to have the upmost visibility. The attached cash register stand makes it also convenient for customers.
Locating a cash register stand adjacent to a display case is great for displaying items you want your customers to see right before checkout. If you’re worried about visibility you can choose to have lights installed into this case.
Vintage Wooden Full Vision Glass Display Case
With this vintage wood cash wrap checkout counter you can bring a unique design element into your retail space and still not sacrifice functionality. Available in three sizes.
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Buying cash wrap counters for your store.

Cash wraps and checkout counters are so important because your customer stands at them as they have one of their last interactions with you or your employees. Check out counters provide you with a place to leave your retail customer with a lasting impressing. On the employee side of the retail counter, they provide your store with much needed storage for all of the retail supplies you will need as you checkout your customers.

Retail Wrap Counter benefits:

Tip: After you get your counter installed and all of your retail electronics in place, make one more walk around from your customer's side and go through a checkout at your new cash wrap counter with one of your employees. You will be able to get a feel for what your customers go through as they exit your store. Then you can improve the checkout after you buy retail cash wrap counters.