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You can put these display cases against a wall and display whatever you need. These wall display cases will make keepsakes shine.

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Collectors Glass Display Cabinet With Light
Store collectibles or merchandise valuables out of this lighted glass display cabinet. The interior shelves are tempered and are adjustable so you can fit the display cabinet to your product. The cabinet stands at 75" H and is made of real wood. A variety of stains are avaiable. We can also match stains to something in your current decor if you need us to.
Wide Rectangular Wooden Glass Display Case
The large glass area on this display case is also great for allowing in the most ambient light into the case. This is a great help for visibility. Custom stains are available for this product.
Wide Black Wood Glass Display Case
There are two 50 watt halogen lights that come standard to this wide black wood glass display case. They ensure that your items are always easily visible. The wide design also lets you display more items in one area.
Tall Wooden Glass Display Tower
This tall wooden glass display tower is constructed of solid wood materials. This makes this display tower extremely durable and stable. This tower cabinet will have no issue holding up in a high traffic environment.
6 Sided Wooden Glass Wall Case
This wooden glass wall case is constructed of solid wood materials. This gives the wall case much more durability to last in a retail environment.
Rectangular Wooden Glass Wall Display Cabinet
This wooden wall display cabinet is made out of high quality solid wood materials. This gives this display cabinet the durability to survive in a retail environment.
Wide Wooden Hexagon Display Case
The wide design of this wooden hexagon display cabinet allows for more items to be displayed within the same display. The hexagon shape also brings a unique aesthetic to any retail area.
Wooden Wide Octagon Tall Glass Display Case
The wooden wide octagon tall glass display case is a highly stable and durable product. It is constructed of solid wood and is perfect for any retail environment.
Rectangular Wide Tall Display Case
The two 50 watt halogen lights ensure that the products on display receive the maximum light available and are easily visible. This rectangular display case is also constructed out of solid wood making it extremely stable and durable.
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