End cap to fit rectangular tubing - 100 per box - Chrome

End cap to fit rectangular tubing - 100 per box - Chrome
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This is an end cap for rectangular tubing. You can insert it into the rectangular tubing that we use in retail. It is 100 per box, but if you need less, we can break boxes on the amount. The price increases by 10% per piece. The price shown is for the box of 100. We will be glad to break box on this prodoct and almost any product that you find on our site. Rectangular end caps fill the ends of rectangular tubing and will cover the blank space you would have without them.
End cap with 1" extension to fit rectangular tubing - 100 per box - Chrome
Finish your retail display tubing with these end caps. Features a 1" extension to expand the usable area. This helps you to creat a clean profession finish with your display.
Rectangular Tubing - 1/2" x 1-1/2" - 10 per box - Select desired length.
Rectangular tubing can be inserted into rectangular tubing brackets that attach to slatwall, gridwall, or wall standards. They easily hook into the associated brackets and come in chrome. You can pick lengths from 4' to 8' depending on your needs. Packaged 10 per box. Price is per box.
5 Hook Waterfall to fit rectangular tubing - 18"L - 24 per box - Chrome
These five hook waterfalls attach directly to 1/2" x 1-1/2" Rectangular tubing and allow you create a display with hangers and apparel that slants down. They easily hook onto rectangular tubing and come in chrome. Packaged 24 per box. Price is per box.